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Current Music:The Amboy Dukes f/ the sweet stylin's of Mr. Ted Nugent
Subject:Taxachusettes (sp?) Breadwyn
Time:07:18 am
Current Mood:retroactive
I learned long ago that you can't always get what you want. Sometimes you don't get to be the President. I guess that doesn't really apply because I didn't want to be the President, I felt the calling. God told me to run. I was chosen by God. But sometimes the Devil-Jews thwart God and elect another. That's okay America, we'll get them next time. Conrad Burns' seat is up in 2006 and I'll fuck that kike-rancher in the ex-senatorial(knockonwood)ass.

Let's get serious for a minute, mi compadres (my friends). This is as divided as we've ever been in the U.S.A. Some might point to the 1960's or possibly the election of 1860 which resulted in a (The) (C)civil (W)war or the turn of the nineteenth century but I say, "Nay!" Today we have a party with a vision and another with a slightly different vision dividing ol' Starry (USA). I weep.

Happy Guy Fawkes Night (aka Bonfire Night, Fireworks Night) fuckers!,

Thank you for your support but I divorced Alto last night so it doesn't matter.

He was running around with Ava Gardner
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Current Music:"America," Yes
Time:11:42 pm
Current Mood:fullfull
Check out the mood. It's like those Taco Bell commercials.

America, enough with the Bell references - it is time to get serious. I am here to announce my candidacy for the President of the United States of America on behalf of the "Write-In/Right On!" party.


Q: If I vote for Bob will he still rock?
A: I will use Rock 'n' Roll to resolve domestic and foreign disputes. For instance, an Israeli-Palestinian jam at Camp David is in the works.

Q: Does Bob have a platform?
A: Yes.
1. All VHS and DVD copies of movies will be in widescreen format. The other format is stupid. I don't even know what it's called. Retardo-vision? When someone wants to watch No. 17 on "Bob's All Time Hot Video Picks List," "Once Upon a Time in the West," he should not be subjected to that cut-off-the-sides crap. Some of you might be saying, "this will create a black-market for Pan and Scan (differently-abled-vision) videos." Yes, this brings me to:
2. All people caught with black-market homo-vision tapes will be killed. They are obviously idiots.
3. A eugenics program targeting the Irish and Manx will be started.
4. Movie protagonists are no longer allowed to be Ad- or Sales-execs. Think of something new you shit-for-brainsed morons!
5. The band Kill Bob Seger Now! will be executed. What did I ever do to them? Teach them about love? About life? No. They never listened to any of my music or else they'd have manners.
6. All former Presidents outted.
7. The National Anthem will be performed by Wishbone Ash.

Q: Who is the "Write-In/Right On!" candidate for Vice-President?
A: Matthew Hale

Q: Bob, will the Alto be the First Lady? The First Gentleman?
A: No. I respect the institution too much to put that fag in. The First Lady is not required to be the President's spouse. Grover Cleveland's "F.L." was his sister. Mine will be Roberta Flack.

Q: I don't see Big Seeg's name on the ballot in MyHomeStatesylvania. How do I vote for Bob?
A: You write my name in. Then you walk out of the booth, hand your ballot off and scream, "Right On!" right in that election bitch's face and give her a stroke.

"D.C."ing you guys later,
Bob Seger!
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Current Music:"The Snow Goose," Camel f/Piss Lickadick
Subject:Cock and Balls Rodeo (Drive(way(est on Sunset((as sung by Stee-(BZZZZZ!!!!!BZZZZZZ!!!!!!!))))))
Time:05:14 pm
Current Mood:recumbentrecumbent
Sorry it's been a while since I shouted at y'all bros and hos but I've just recently made the Night Move to Portland, OR with Alto and the rest of the Silver Bullet Band. Psyche! I didn't bring the band out. I'm looking to form a new band, the Live Bullets. I need a drummer, a bassest (sic), two guitarists, a keyboardist, and a saxophone player who will do what husbands are supposed to do and GIVE HIS HUSBAND A FUCKING REACH-A-ROUND ONCE IN WHILE IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?!! JK! I (heart) U, 41t0. U r teh 8om! Anyway, musicianos contact me at (503)282-ROCK or through this here site.


The "D." stands for dawgg.
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Current Music:Tangerine Dream
Subject:New Bob Seger Tour T-Shirts In! (No fatties please)
Time:07:05 pm
Current Mood:nauseatednauseated
Yo, Hombres. Been a while since I read your style but, shit, I'm on tour currently (with April Wine and Looking Glass opening select dates).

First off, check these fat bitches out: http://www.fatso.com

Now read this - "If one thing bothers me more than the Irish (micks) it's the 'fat acceptance' movement. While I've certainly rocked the boat with some ladies of generous proportions - 'Night Moves' was about a real tubbo - I do not pretend that being fat is not gross or right in anyway. Organizations like the NAAFP (yes that stands for what you think it does) say that its members are people who eat right, exercise, are just as healthy as the 'lard-deficient,' and just happen to be fat. No they aren't. They are fat bathtubs full of shit who will be lucky to see forty. Being fat is not like being black or gay or a woman. For instance, no is going to drag a fatso behind a truck until his fat brain bursts out of his fat eye-sockets and feeds 3,000 dogs for twenty years because even his brain was so lard-ridden."
-Bob Seger in a speech honoring Twiggy on her 21st birthday, May 1, 1983.

I stand by my comments America!

Next item on the agenda? Comment postiagier you say?
I guess I had the settings on the comment post place set to screen all comments. Ooooops, I mean "default." That apparently does that. I don't have the time or the inclination to screen your stupid comments about "what did those poor Irish do?" so it's now set to "no screen, bitch."

Meeting adjourned.
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Current Music:Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley
Subject:Givin' Me The Fire Down Below: Potato Niggers
Time:11:45 pm
Current Mood:discontentdiscontent
Check out the color scheme, for one day only, appearing in Bob Seger's Tour Odyssey Diary... Green!

In other news, the Irish are not allowed to attend my concerts anymore.

I told you people last year: no more St. Patrick's Days. Obviously, today happened. You could have at least not worn "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" pins and green and shit.

In conclusion: The Irish are the new Jews.

"B" (get it?)seein' ya,
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Current Music:Bob Seger System - "2+2=?"
Time:05:14 pm
Current Mood:accomplishedaccomplished
"2" = Rock
"+" = 'n'
"2" = Roll
"=" = Hall of
"?" = Fame

That's right, the B-Seeg now in the hall. The Hall. ...of Legends. I feel so honored to be in the same crowd as Steely Dan, Earth, Wind, and Fire and the Lovin' Spoonful. Thanks for the speech, Kid.

Here's my name:
Redbone, Leon
Biz Markie
Earth and Fire

The next stop on the tour is a five day residence in Portland, Oregon. We weren't going to hit Oregon on this tour but Alto (Reed) and I are thinking of making our relationship official. First in the eyes of God, twenty years ago on the shores of Lake Michigan, now in the eyes of the Law.

Lovin' the way you strut forever,
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Current Music:Thin Lizzy - Rosalie
Subject:Fucking Faggots Stealing My Shit on This Napster Thing
Time:02:55 pm
Current Mood:ditzyditzy
Here I Sit Broken Hearted,
Had To Shit,
But Only....
listened to a copy of my Beautiful Loser LP, jokes!, I'm not really broken hearted.
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[icon] Der Spiegel Des Gott:
View:Recent Entries.
You're looking at the latest 7 entries.